Clean Energy Association

🔥 We are on a mission to dramatically change the lives of the Realtors and Brokerage teams.

Our company Leadz Engine is a full-service lead generation company, and our mission statement is to add a minimum of one extra closing to a part-time Realtors pipeline and two additional closings to a full-time Realtors pipeline per month. We are creating the Mcdonald's of Real Estate.

We currently:

☑️ Generate hundreds of thousands of leads a year
☑️ Own a world-class 24/7 call center proudly supporting 15 different industries and growing
☑️ Provide high-ticket coaching and consulting for business owners looking to systemize and automate and simultaneously scale their business all the while removing themselves from the process
☑️ We provide custom CRM Solutions for automated lead nurturing and follow-up.
☑️ Our system is scalable allowing to sell as money homes or close as many loans as you want per month.
☑️ We are a fast-paced and energetic team focused solely on our client's success first and foremost.
☑️ With our Homes on Demand system, we allow you and your team to focus on doing what you do best, which is CLOSING DEALS!

Take action immediately. Please send us a message and let's chat. We are currently focused on helping our brokerage clients and can offer you an incredible deal to not only provide leads but manage all of your agents' training for you with twice-weekly full accountability and coaching sessions.