Company: Lina Escamilla, Elevate You

We empower entrepreneurs to create wildly successful and impactful businesses and fulfilling lives. We do this through online courses, high-level masterminds, live events, and our online channels.




Get to know more about Lina Escamilla’s (founder) background, journey, beliefs, and mission: Podcast episode ft Lina


Lina Escamilla is a Speaker, Business Coach & Consultant

Lina is an entrepreneur and Founder of Elevate You. 

Her work is a combination of:

- Transformational Work: Letting go of the unconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs –– and connecting and harnessing your Authentic Power archetype.

- Proven Strategies: to reach and impact more lives by teaching you how to grow your email list, audience, and influence significantly — and with authenticity.

As a result, her students are able to book more clients, increase their profits and impact - while having more freedom.

She has 10 years of business experience around positioning and growing small to renounced brands offline and online, in local and international markets. 

Lina enjoys traveling, values time off, deep human connection and is always hungry for growth. She’s down to earth and herself at all times, in any context. She only preaches what she truly lives: Authenticity.

She is a soul-centered entrepreneur who is passionate about personal growth, service and empowering as many lives as she can.


Company Values


Growth –– in all areas, personal growth especially, as we believe everything stems from there